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Proper Oral Health Starts with Your Gums

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How Healthy are Your Gums?

Your gums are a gateway to your oral and overall health. Receding gums can be unappealing aesthetically, but they can also leave your tooth roots open to tooth decay and eventually, gum disease. The leading cause of tooth loss, gum disease has also been tied to worsening or even causing systemic conditions including heart disease and diabetes. We can access how healthy your gums are and provide the comprehensive periodontal treatment to improve your health, if necessary. Dedicated to preserving your health and smile aesthetics, we offer comprehensive periodontics in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA.

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Reverse Receding Gums

Do your teeth feel sensitive or look elongated? You may have gum recession. A common condition, receding gums can occur as a result of dental trauma, disease or infection, aggressive brushing, or even genetics. No matter the cause, we can reverse receding gums and restore your teeth’s protective shield with gum grafting.

Gum grafting typically takes a small sample of your own tissue from the roof of your mouth or an area of excess tissue and places it over the site of recession. Eventually, these tissues will become one and restore balance to your smile! We advise you to come in for a consultation to find out which treatment is best for you so we can restore your smile effectively and prevent gum disease.

The Right Time to Treat Gum Disease is Now

There are a few stages of gum disease. In its earliest stage, gingivitis, the disease is reversible and so are it’s harmful effects. In it’s latest stage, advanced periodontitis, it can lead to bone loss, tooth loss, and even be uncurable. We take gum disease seriously at RB Comprehensive Dentistry which is why we offer a treatment solution for every stage of gum disease.

In the early stages, the first treatment we usually recommend is scaling and root planing. A two-part treatment, we start by removing plaque, tartar, and calculus from below the gumline. During root planing, we smooth the tooth root surface to discourage future plague buildup while encouraging the healthy reattachment of your gum tissue.

If gum disease has progressed untreated or did not respond to scaling and root planing, we also offer osseous surgery, or “flap” surgery. In order to gain access to deep periodontal pockets, we lift your gums before performing a deep cleaning to remove plaque and diseased tissue. In cases of bone loss, we also add bone grafting materials to restore your bone health.

After receiving scaling and root planing or osseous surgery, we recommend returning for regular deep cleanings. These periodontal maintenance visits prevent this harmful disease from returning and keep your gums, and your smile, healthy.

A surgical procedure, gingivectomies remove tissue infected by gum disease. This procedure removes disease and restores oral health with the added benefit of reshaping your gumline.

Always investing in the latest, proven technology, we also offer a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum disease treatments by implementing our dental lasers. Instead of using scalpels and sutures, we can remove infection and restore your oral health with less pain and faster healing times!

Preserve Your Gum Health and Your Oral Health

Find out how healthy your gums are at your consultation!


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