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More than a Smile—A Life

A complete smile is about more than how you look. Many take the ability to chew without trouble, speak without hesitation, or smile without embarrassment for granted. But when you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, you feel the loss in function and health every day. Thankfully, we’re experienced in giving smiles, and lives, a second chance with our restorative dentistry treatments. We want you to find a solution that restores not only your ability to smile freely, but speak, eat and live life without limitations. Providing honest care, we won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. Our experienced team will work together with you to find a treatment that meets your aesthetic, functional, health, and financial goals. We use the latest techniques and modern technology to offer comprehensive solutions from removable dentures to long-lasting full mouth dental implants in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA.

Your Full Mouth Restorative Solutions

For some, all they need is a set of removable dentures. Tried and true, dentures restore your look and give you a complete smile. If you’re looking for a little more stability, we also offer removable implant supported dentures. This option can secure your denture prosthetic with two or more dental implants. Placed directly into the jawbone dental implants offer more function and can even restore some bone health. Both of these solutions, although helpful for many, often don’t compare to the transformative results of fixed, full mouth dental implants.

Full mouth dental implants use four or more dental implants as the foundation for a custom-made bridge of high-quality, natural-looking teeth. With a fixed, full mouth dental implant solution, you’ll not only be able to bite and chew without worry, but without the hard palate found in dentures, your ability to taste won’t be hindered either! Restoring almost 100% function, full mouth dental implants are the most reliable and long-term full arch tooth replacement solution available today. Dr. Ryan Boylan, our esteemed implant dentist, received implant training from institutions like the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He also brings years of experience offering fixed and removable implant solutions to patients all over our community. Find out what he, our team, and our cutting-edge facility can offer your smile and your life!

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Three Steps to a Restored Life


Step 1: Custom Consultation & Precise Planning

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Step 1: Custom Consultation & Precise Planning

The first step of your smile transformation comes in the form of a personalized consultation. We’ll discuss your smile limitations, health goals as well as your aesthetic preferences. Using our in-house cone beam CT scanner, we’ll capture high-resolution, 3D images of all the oral structures in your mouth. We’re also able to show you your final smile digitally before treatment even starts! Combining all of this information, we’ll help you determine which solution is best for your full mouth restoration. If you’d like to receive full mouth dental implants, most patients already qualify for this treatment, or will after just a couple of preliminary treatments from us.

Before your next appointment, we’ll digitally plan your surgery in specialized implant planning software. We’ll then use our in-house 3D printer to create personalized surgical guides that ensure each implant is placed at the precise angle and depth necessary for maximum stability. Before you leave your consultation, we’ll walk you through this process and schedule your next visit.

Step 2: Comprehensive Surgery & Same-Day Smile

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Step 2: Comprehensive Surgery & Same-Day Smile

When you return for your surgical visit, we’ll welcome you in and make you feel comfortable. Most patients feel relaxed by the time their treatment starts, however, if you’d like to receive anti-anxiety medicine or nitrous oxide, we offer both for your comfort. If you need any preliminary procedures including tooth extractions or bone grafting, Dr. Boylan can frequently offer these treatments in the same visit, saving you time and making your treatment more affordable.

Once you and your treatment site are ready, Dr. Boylan will place your personalized surgical guide over your jawbone. This guided implant surgery technique removes room for error, guaranteeing your dental implants are placed as planned. We use only the highest-quality materials here including implants from leading manufacturers, BioHorizons® and Nobel Biocare™, to ensure predictable and long-term results. In most cases, after your implants are securely placed, we also attach a bridge of teeth. In just one day you can have your implants placed and new teeth attached so you can leave with a complete and functional smile!

Step 3: Permanent Teeth, Restored Life

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Step 3: Permanent Teeth, Restored Life

Over the next few months your treatment site will heal. Each implant, which is made from titanium, will slowly bond with your bone through a process called osseointegration. This bond is what gives implants long-term and reliable strength, even a decade later. Once your implants are stable, we’ll place your final bridge of natural-looking teeth. Your new smile is made from high-quality materials, so your final look is not only seamless and complementary to your overall facial aesthetics, but functional and lasting. You’ll be able to eat without hesitation, speak without worry, and smile with complete confidence for decades to come!

A New Smile Made Affordable

Can you put a price on the ability to eat a balanced and healthy diet? Or how about a confidence booster that can last a lifetime? A second-chance smile may have an initially high cost, but over time the savings compared to the adjustments and repairs of short-term solutions ends up making it more affordable for more patients. We’ve also seen the effect full mouth dental implants have had on patients’ overall health and wellbeing. With a complete and functional smile, patients are able to eat better and live better.

That’s why we do everything we can to make this life-changing treatment affordable. Partnering with third-party financing companies and offering our own in-house membership plan, we strive to provide affordable payments. We can also phase out your treatment so you can pay as you go. We promise to provide honest advice to patients from their payment options to the treatment that’s best for their situation. In the end, we know that’s what will make them happiest. Let’s work together to find out which full mouth restorative solution is best for you!

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