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SureSmile® vs. Braces

What does your ideal smile look like? Is it bright and white? Balanced and straight? If you’re looking to improve your smile and your confidence, traditional braces are no longer your only option. SureSmile® takes bracket-and-wire orthodontic systems and replaces them with a series of invisible plastic aligners. These aligners also referred to as “invisible braces,” are incredibly discreet and can be removed whenever you drink, eat, brush, and floss. Unlike traditional braces, we offer solutions like SureSmile in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA which are comfortable and low maintenance, often the ideal solution for teens and professional adults. With near-invisible clear aligners, you’ll be able to continue treatment—and feel confident—no matter if you have a job interview, family reunion, or other important event. This convenient and comfortable transition into beautiful, straight teeth will have you smiling confidently in no time!

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Why Choose SureSmile®?

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Straighter Teeth, Better Health

SureSmile® is a trusted clear aligner orthodontic solution which gives you a discreet way to straighten your teeth and build confidence in your smile. Crooked teeth increase your risk for cavities and decay resulting from trapped food debris that can’t be reached when you brush and floss. You’ll notice with straight teeth that oral hygiene becomes much easier and you’ll reduce the chances of developing decay if you maintain a good hygiene routine. Straight teeth also improve the function and comfort of your jaw joints and facial muscles, while reducing your risk for grinding and clenching your teeth. Feel confident in your beautiful, straight smile and your health with clear orthodontics!

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Your Clear Path to a Straight Smile

Our cosmetic dentists, Drs. Ryan Boylan and Ketan Patel are trained in SureSmile® treatment. This specialized training gives our team the skills needed to personalize your orthodontic treatment and provide you with stunning results. We’ll begin treatment by taking digital impressions of your current smile. These aren’t like those messy, uncomfortable impressions you may be used to. By using a small wand-like device, we’re able to capture the intricate details of your smile for an accurate digital impression. We’ll then create a series of aligners for you to wear, each set bringing you one step closer to your ideal smile.

Made from durable plastic, each clear aligner, or tray, will be custom-made for you. You’ll swap out your aligners about every two weeks but will have the freedom to eat the same foods and maintain your oral hygiene routine. You’ll only need to remove your aligners to eat and drink anything that isn’t water, and whenever you brush and floss. With invisible aligners, you won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed while you straighten your teeth either. Friends, and even family, may not notice when your aligners are in, but they will see the difference once your final smile is revealed! If you’re feeling self-conscious because you have crooked teeth, our team is here for you. We can help you find confidence and improve your health through our personalized SureSmile® treatment. Pick the discreet, comfortable option and improve your health and quality of life today!

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