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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Some of our most common questions are listed below along with simple and easy to understand answers. If you have any other questions, please contact us asap. We would be happy to make sure you get the answers you need from trusted, licensed, local professionals

There is no question about it, having an attractive smile is a great thing to have these days and an important part of social interaction especially when meeting new people. A perfect start is just getting them cleaned by a professional hygienist and polished will remove quite a bit of the stains that accumulate from coffee, red wine, smoking, etc. Then I recommend using some whitening gel in combination with a custom made tray. Generally, what is found to be esthetically pleasing is straight, white, and shiny teeth without large spaces between them. Also important is appropriate size and proportion. Not to be neglected is healthy gums; your smile is not going to be as pleasant if your gums are inflamed and red. All of these factors and some others must be taken into account when making a plan treatment plan to maintain or perfect your beautiful and healthy smile. Your cleaning appointment is a perfect time for any concerns or questions about the current state your mouth is in, and/or what your options are to improve and enhance your smile’s appeal (or your mouths overall health) can and should be asked of your dentist and hygienist. Also, a lot of times SAME DAY TREATMENT can be provided that will dramatically improve your smile’s appearance!! Please feel free to call or visit the website and make an appointment for a courtesy consultation (no charge).

Your baby’s relationship with the dentist’s office should ideally start with a positive experience (especially since it can set a positive tone for a lifetime of healthy, smiling appointments), so this process should start with the arrival of the first tooth! (6-12 months old). During this quick visit your dentist will teach you how to properly clean your child’s mouth, check for normal development of mouth and face, and determine whether fluoride supplementation is appropriate.

My staff and I create an environment that is friendly, helpful, and non-threatening to help put you at ease right away. I am extremely sympathetic to this (I myself remember feeling pretty significant dental anxiety earlier in life). I then strive to make someone feel comfortable enough to be able to openly discuss what concerns/anxieties they might have and then we work through it together. Nitrous oxide can be administered safely and comfortably through a nose piece when it is appropriate.

When considering your treatment options you should want the dentist to make recommendations based on what is the very best treatment for you regardless of your insurance coverage or financial arrangements. At my office we offer several payment options to make it possible for you to get the care that you want and deserve. (1) Pre pay in full (courtesy 5% discount given for this as it simplifies our bookkeeping). (2) Major Credit Cards. (3) Care-Credit (no-interest options up to 2 years to pay for any procedure you want including elective procedures). (4) Springstone Financial (a very nice option no interest option that can be spread out for 4-5 years!). (5) Pay as you go (you may choose to pay your obligation for each visit with Cash, Check or Credit Card/Debit Card at each visit.(6) Gradual Treatment Plan (for those patients on a limited budget, or with no insurance, by prioritizing and spreading out appointments over several months or years)

Small titanium post that is inserted into your jaw with a minor surgical procedure, after implant placement a completely lifelike tooth is attached (usually after a healing period).

Absolutely, you can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth (implant supported bridge), or all your teeth (you can stabilize a removable denture with only two implants or you can get a full set of top or bottom teeth that is completely permanent! (Using only 4-6 implants). Only you and your dentist will know you have dental implants.

Surprisingly it isn’t (most post-operative discomfort can be managed with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen).

Implants are more expensive than regular old dentures, but they also offer a massively superior finished product! (If your leg was broken would you choose to have it re constructed with titanium components and a surgeon or would you opt for a wooden ‘peg-leg’? This is the magnitude of the difference in outcome!) After implant treatment is completed it is likely that you would never need to replace them, so when viewed as a long-term investment in your health, well-being, and comfort they offer the best value. Have more questions? Schedule a 30 minute no-charge consultation today! Bring a friend who is interested if you like! Some exciting technology is available to you that has lowered cost and made this process attainable for most everyone (even those on fixed incomes)! Please set up a consult and I look forward to telling you more in person!

This is a good question and it depends on what your needs are. In order to make having good oral health as small a burden to your wallet as possible I would emphasize the excellent value preventative care offers (this means your twice yearly cleanings). While not free they are a wise investment in yourself because it allows you to catch things while they are small,(i.e. a small cavity), rather than having that same small cavity turn into a big cavity, and in those cases it is possible to then require a root canal and crown (as well as the discomfort, stress, missed work that can accompany this scenario). Now if conditions exist, (i.e., work that has been put off for a while, need for esthetic improvement, missing tooth or missing teeth), that require more involved treatment to remedy then there are other considerations (do you have insurance? access to a Flex account? Third party financier? Can you work out a payment arrangement with your dentist?) you would want to look at these factors during an open discussion with your dentist (a consultation) and have a personalized plan made to achieve your individual goals. If you have insurance you must make sure you are utilizing it as effectively as possible. Sounds easy enough, but the sad fact is that insurance companies make doing this a nightmare. To do this often requires an experienced insurance coordinator, and in some cases a letter to the insurance company written by your dentist. At my office we have are fortunate to have an experienced and extremely competent insurance coordinator, we work with many insurance plans (call and check with us about yours), and we also can utilize your Flex benefits. In an effort to help our patients without dental insurance, we have designed an affordable alternative to dental insurance to maintain your preventative care (preventative care is the cornerstone of long term oral health). This plan is exclusive to our office. The In House Plan will give you the opportunity to visit our office regularly for your preventative care and the peace of mind of knowing you are getting a great value. As well, any and all of your restorative work is discounted! This includes cosmetic procedures, implants, crowns, bridges, root canals and dentures too! I sincerely hope this plan provides people without dental insurance (retirees, people whose jobs don’t offer dental) with a viable alternative. Our In House Dental Plan is available to purchase for the individuals, couples and families, please contact our office for more information regarding this exciting option! If the topic we’ve just covered speaks to you, a loved one, or family please call and set up a consultation at no charge (please reference this column) and we can get started! As always, Don’t Forget To Smile and Happy Holidays! December Special: Free exam/ implant/ cosmetic consultation.

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